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Illustration Friday - Flawed

Illustration Friday - Flawed

Ok.. Here goes.. My first sketch for a blog; my blog I mean. I just gave it a rough 20 mins. Will do it better from next time. This one is just for the start (hopefully!!)

So the topic here was ‘Flawed’. And immediately the first thing that came to my mind was this. About 6 yrs ago, I lost my tailor of 3 years and dozens of lovely dresses to uneven sleeves and trouser lengths! In one of my outfits, the legging on one leg was shorter than the other by 3 inches! I wonder how he decided to pass it on to me! And in another beautiful Indian suit, one sleeve was shorter than the other by 2 inches! And he sent in a lady attendant with me to measure up the difference and assure me that it could be fixed! I lost two beautiful dresses that day.. The chief tailor told me that his best tailor had run away! Well, post that I guess many of his loyal customers would have run away!!

So here’s my contribution to this week’s topic – “Flawed”.


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  1. Great idea and post! I love the colors and details. Welcome to IF! Bravo on this one!

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