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Wet wood

I haven’t been a regular at my art work all these years. Sketch has more or less been just a hobby, which could not really capture a dedicated regular time from me.. Well, I started yet again last year – trying to draw a few things here and there. And then there was my DH’s birthday coming. And so a sketch to gift him there.. And then there were these free days when I just felt like holding a brush in my hand, and swishing..

So, I haven’t really decided on what I would like to do first. I am just going forward with the idea that – ‘This is a paper, and this pen / brush is all I have right now. So here goes!!’

Here is one attempt on painting some wood. I got this picture as a forward from a friend of mine, and I decided to try and paint the photograph. I know.. I still have a long way to go.. But for now, I have started my journey.


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