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Well, this sketch created quite a debate. I had freshly resigned from my Company last may, and suddenly finding myself too free, was juggling and struggling with different activities to spend my long summer days. And one fine day, I saw this snap with me, and decided to sketch the little boy. The picture didn’t contain just the little boy; there was a little girl in front of the gate that the little boy is holding on to. While the girl was posing for the snap, the boy seemed to be thoughtful in a different world. So I named this sketch ‘Thoughtful’.

When I uploaded this picture in my networking profile, I started receiving mails from my friends and relatives! Some asked me – Why the child was so sad.. A few others told me – The child seems to have an unfulfilled desire / dream that’s straining through his eyes.. Some others asked me – Why the sketch of a little CHILD right now!? 😉

Well, most of them didn’t (and don’t) know that I like pencil sketching and painting, though I haven’t been able to keep up a regular (even scantily) practice. Once I felt I had had enough of questions to answer, I decided to take the picture off the site! Now I am making it an entry here.

– Shalini


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