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Moleskine vs Usual Sketchpaper

Moleskine vs Usual Sketchpaper

Yesterday I had been to Barnes and Noble, along with a friend of mine. We spent some royal time looking at all the sketchbooks and supplies that were there in the store. This weekend, Manu and I had been to some more Art Supply stores to check out the different kinds of sketchbooks. Finally yesterday I purchased the small Moleskine pocket sketchbook, to give it a try..

When I brought it home and pulled it out of its plastic packaging, I noticed that the paper inside is slightly more yellowish than I am used to. Maybe it is supposed to be that way.. Well, maybe not!!? The paper thickness is impressive though. I decided that I could wait a couple more days before I start scribbling on it. I took this scan of moleskine vs the usual sketchbook paper, so I can keep the comparison for reference.

Is it really supposed to be slightly yellowish?



  1. This Moleskine paper looks normal in this photo. If it was a Lime – yellow as I have been told. A photo would make me run. Cannot stand Lime-Yellow. It just icky!
    This looks fine.
    I would use it. Moleskine is a warm Cream color. Just like this.
    go to:
    click on Japanese folding Moleskine in list to the left. It has the same shade as yours.

    Take a look. I went to my B&N. They all looked fine.
    Must have been a batch to the West Coast. Hopefully, they have been quietly recalled.

  2. Yep, that’s the way it is supposed to look. The pages are a warm,creamy color. It took me a while to get used to it, but now I really like my sketchbook. Give it a try, it’s lovely to draw on. By the way, I really like the design of this blog.

  3. I know this entry was over a year ago but I wanted to comment anyway. I just got my first moleskin journal and I’m a bit intimidated by it. I too am use to bright white with a bit of tooth but this is totally different. I put it up and look at it from time to time. Hopefully I’ll have a bit of courage and begin to sketch in it. 🙂

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