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Hurrah!! I finally inaugurated my moleskine. And I finally did an EDM mission!!! And what a mission theme to start with! When I told my husband that this week’s mission is Underwear, he could not stop laughing!!

I feel babies make such good underwear models. Mainly because they Just-Don’t-Care! What a delight to see a baby cat-crawling (not cat-walking), their little hips swaying, proudly flaunting whatever they wear (or otherwise..)! And they treat the whole world as their ramp! Once in a while, they’ll even turn, look over their shoulders and give you an award winning smile, to brighten up your day!

– Shalini



  1. Aw, SO CUTE. Love those fat little legs…

  2. This is such a good baby drawing and such a good idea for the challange. The roundy parts of the baby and that’s about all of them. are so true looking…just terrific!

  3. Great job- love your underwear and model 🙂

  4. Very cute – and a great idea for the underwear challenge. Was the underwear the easy part to draw, and the model a bit more of a challenge? Either way -it’s lovely

  5. You have the perfect underwear model. Great job on the colors.

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