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Bengali Art School style

Bengali Art School style

This week’s challenge is pretty interesting. We are supposed to draw in the style of some great Artist whom we admire. There is no artist I can think of, of whom I am particularly fond of.. But there are all these varieties of Indian Painting schools which come to my mind, which I have always been fond of. So I am thinking of taking this challenge a little further than a week, and a little further than a favourite artist and try out the different schools of painting..

I am starting with the Bengal School of Art, which is a painting form that developed in Bengal., around the pre-independence struggle days. It has a minimalistic design, though the colors used are strong block colors. The art-schools opened in Calcutta in the early 19th century imparted training in only two basic i.e., media oil and water color.

I have drawn here a picture of a Cow and a Calf (I know it looks anything but a calf). I didn’t have string poster colors, to make it look solid. However, I have touched upon the other details like block color (no shading) and minimalistic design. And yes, the eye of the two animals. That’s something I have seen constant in Bengali Art.

I also played with GIMP today. And here is a sample of that too.. (I have a long long way to go with this whole digital thing!)

Digitized Cow and Calf

Digitized Cow and Calf


– Shalini



  1. Cute- I’m a sucker for babies- animal or otherwise 😉 You are better in Gimp than I am!!

  2. I haven[‘t tried this challenge yet. Way to go on your entry in to this challenge. I’m still stuck on doodling. Over on my blog you mentioned that you were afraid of messing up if you doodle. That’s not very likely. I really like playing with repeating the same shapes. draw a bunch of squares, then draw a circle inside each box, thendraw a triangle inside the circles. It makes a really involved and detailed design. Keep trying out different shapes and repeating designs. it’s fun and sort of hypnotic too. Cheers!

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