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Category Archives: Field Watercolors

Atul and Daddy

A watercolor painting from me this time.

Day 1: March 18

Atul and Dad

This is from my friend Preethi’s photograph… She had clicked a snap when her husband and her little son were reading a book… Dad and son ‘reading’ a book.. Atul is just 8 months old. I loved it so much that I thought I should probably try to paint the pic. If it comes out well, then.. well… the completed picture shall also be uploaded. Otherwise I will pull this one down too; and try such things only with pics of people we don’t know. I don’t want to hurt a friend!!

Update 1: March 19:

Atul and Dad - Day 2

Here is today’s updated painting. I am taking this one slow.. Partly because I can’t sit for a long time trying to paint. It is too exhausting. So today also, it is a Work-in-Progress!! This time instead of scanning the painting, I took a snap of it.

Update 2: March 20:








 Today again, I didn’t complete the painting. I added a lot of detail to it, which took me some time and concentration. By then it was evening and I didn’t really want to continue painting in artificial light. So tomorrow it would be!!

I have reached the most difficult portion of it all. The hair!!! There are so many shades in it! I am terrified of even starting to paint it!

I have uploaded both the photographed and scanned versions of the latest; since by the time I completed today’s work, it was evening, and I didnt have good light to take a photograph in.. Well, turns out that even in that light, a photograph looks better than a scan 🙂

Update 3: March 21: COMPLETE

Atul and Dad - Reading

Yippeee!! I have completed the painting finally! Not bad!! I would have had no guts to do this, had I not joined up the EDM group. And then, I just let myself indulge a bit – with the decision that I wouldn’t worry about what the end result shall be! I have a good feeling about this one now 🙂 🙂 (Go Me!!)

Thanks to the weekend in between, I couldn’t really uploaded the completed painting, though I finished it on Saturday!

Thanks to ALL of you who had been following up with my progress, and for encouraging me all through!

– Shalini



Spring buds

Just yesterday it was sunny and cheerful. And today it had to rain! As I sat near my window looking at the droplets on the branches of the tree outside, I noticed that the higher branches actually have developed small buds for new leaves of the season! So yeaahhhh!! Spring is really close!

– Shalini

Almost spring

I was enjoying the bright sunlight, looking out of my window. Almost all of the snow is gone.. I hope it doesn’t snow more. Well, even if it does, how long will it!!? So cheers!! I noticed my neighbor enjoying the sun too.. Though you still have to wear your jackets, it certainly looks more cheerful today..

I loved painting the cheer. So this is my first journal entry of any kind, with a splash of colors. So what if it is a bit skewed..?

– Shalini