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Category Archives: Journal entry


Spring buds

Just yesterday it was sunny and cheerful. And today it had to rain! As I sat near my window looking at the droplets on the branches of the tree outside, I noticed that the higher branches actually have developed small buds for new leaves of the season! So yeaahhhh!! Spring is really close!

– Shalini


Almost spring

I was enjoying the bright sunlight, looking out of my window. Almost all of the snow is gone.. I hope it doesn’t snow more. Well, even if it does, how long will it!!? So cheers!! I noticed my neighbor enjoying the sun too.. Though you still have to wear your jackets, it certainly looks more cheerful today..

I loved painting the cheer. So this is my first journal entry of any kind, with a splash of colors. So what if it is a bit skewed..?

– Shalini