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Category Archives: Quick Sketch


Spring buds

Just yesterday it was sunny and cheerful. And today it had to rain! As I sat near my window looking at the droplets on the branches of the tree outside, I noticed that the higher branches actually have developed small buds for new leaves of the season! So yeaahhhh!! Spring is really close!

– Shalini



This would be my entry for this week’s Illustration Friday: Instinct.

It is pretty fascinating how instincts work in the natural world. And probably they define a definite organization in each society. Ants instinctively follow each other by following each other’s scents. That is how they reach food sources, and as a colony help bring food and supply home for their survival during the inactive part of the year..

– Shalini

Hubby Sleeping

I had initially thought that today, being a Sunday, I wasn’t going to get any time to draw.. so I would make some good dish to kick start my Thing-a-day event. My brother has come over from Chicago for the weekend, and that naturally calls for some special sweet dish.. With all those thoughts in mind, I started the day today, which felt like a festival all of a sudden 🙂

Well, that was until now. We all returned home tired after a small outing with my brother. And then my hubby fell asleep with his laptop still on his lap.. And.. my brother fell asleep on the floor carpet. I am also feeling way too tired to start making a sweet dish. But my hubby provided me with such a lucrative pose to sketch.. And next I knew, I had sketched him in a quick 15 min.


I had a feeling that the eraser was stuck somewhere near him (which is now confirmed); so whatever I could draw I did!! Adding on to it, I discovered that a 6B pencil can be avoided as much as possible when you are doing a quick sketch over a small area!  But that’s what my tired (or lazy) self could find readily nearby.