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Category Archives: Pencil

Ponnu Paati

This is the portrait of my grandmother. Till now this has been the toughest portrait to pencil-sketch. But I love the end result. My mom says that it looks pretty real. So I am happy!!

– Shalini



Today I sketched one more face into my Facebook. 2B, 4B and HB pencils. Using 4B is a bit tough on small sized sketchpads. So at many places I had to use a Q-Tip to shade up sharp lines.

I am enjoying this self challenge!! I hope my friends are able to identify the faces though..

– Shalini


Portrait upload today. I followed the instructions from Nina Johansson’s website and made a small sketchbook. I decided to call it my Facebook, since I intend to fill it up with faces. Though they would be small and quick, it would give me a chance of practicing quick facial portraits.

The first picture I drew was of a dear friend – Vibha. Sketched with 2B and 4B pencils.

– Shalini


My protrait

This is the first time I am trying out a self-portrait. And I made it from a photograph instead of the mirror. Now I am waiting for my biggest critic – my DH – to tell me his views on it. He has always been critical of my drawing (usually cartoons..) of myself. Well, I would have to agree with him, that they never really looked like me either!

– Shalini


This was my gift to Manu, for his birthday, this time (2008). I wanted to make something with my own hands, and sketching a picture of his was the best idea I felt. I also had to make sure that he didn’t know what I was upto. Anyway he hadn’t really seen any good sketch of mine. I know, your partner should be able to rattle this kinds of facts latest probably by the time your wedding gets fixed; but Manu just knew enough to say ,”She likes drawing… you know”!!

So this had to be the best idea ;). Well he liked it… he did!!



Well, this sketch created quite a debate. I had freshly resigned from my Company last may, and suddenly finding myself too free, was juggling and struggling with different activities to spend my long summer days. And one fine day, I saw this snap with me, and decided to sketch the little boy. The picture didn’t contain just the little boy; there was a little girl in front of the gate that the little boy is holding on to. While the girl was posing for the snap, the boy seemed to be thoughtful in a different world. So I named this sketch ‘Thoughtful’.

When I uploaded this picture in my networking profile, I started receiving mails from my friends and relatives! Some asked me – Why the child was so sad.. A few others told me – The child seems to have an unfulfilled desire / dream that’s straining through his eyes.. Some others asked me – Why the sketch of a little CHILD right now!? 😉

Well, most of them didn’t (and don’t) know that I like pencil sketching and painting, though I haven’t been able to keep up a regular (even scantily) practice. Once I felt I had had enough of questions to answer, I decided to take the picture off the site! Now I am making it an entry here.

– Shalini

Hubby Sleeping

I had initially thought that today, being a Sunday, I wasn’t going to get any time to draw.. so I would make some good dish to kick start my Thing-a-day event. My brother has come over from Chicago for the weekend, and that naturally calls for some special sweet dish.. With all those thoughts in mind, I started the day today, which felt like a festival all of a sudden 🙂

Well, that was until now. We all returned home tired after a small outing with my brother. And then my hubby fell asleep with his laptop still on his lap.. And.. my brother fell asleep on the floor carpet. I am also feeling way too tired to start making a sweet dish. But my hubby provided me with such a lucrative pose to sketch.. And next I knew, I had sketched him in a quick 15 min.


I had a feeling that the eraser was stuck somewhere near him (which is now confirmed); so whatever I could draw I did!! Adding on to it, I discovered that a 6B pencil can be avoided as much as possible when you are doing a quick sketch over a small area!  But that’s what my tired (or lazy) self could find readily nearby.